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50 lb Vicious No Fade Braid Fishing Line

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The 50 lb Vicious No-Fade Braid Fishing Line Is The Best On The Market

The 50 lb Vicious no-fade braid fishing line is the best braid on the market. Many anglers choose to use braid fishing and trust it is strong enough to land fish. One amazing thing that the 50 lb vicious no-fade braid does is it will never fade. This one of a kind fishing braid is state of the art technology with its pre-dye technique that makes the color part of the line. Many of the braided line brands coat their braid on the outside which fades over time. You will never have to worry about this with the 50 lb vicious no-fade braid. It is composed of 8-carriers that are tightly woven which ensures for easy use. You will notice a smoother cast and minimal fraying. This braid is stretch resistant meaning you will feel and detect every bite. Stop wasting your time with braided fishing line that will fade over time and require you to change it out. Stay on the water and fish with the best 50 lb Vicious no-fade braid.

50 lb Vicious No-Fade Braid Specs:

  • Color: Moss Green (WILL NOT FADE)
  • 8-carriers tightly woven to ensure roundness
  • Super-quiet retrieve
  • Small diameter is perfect for micro guides
  • Braid will not stretch allowing you to feel every bite

Get the perfect braid for your next fishing trip. The 50 lb Vicious no-fade braid will change how you go fishing.



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