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130 lb Fluorocarbon Leader Line

$ 32.99

Vicious 130 lb Fluorocarbon Leader Line

130 lb Fluorocarbon Leader Line is one of the best leader line for the price. Designed to fight fish with the perfect amount of strength and stretch. Very strong and durable when fighting the biggest fish. Comes in both 33 yard and 110 yard spools.  Use this fluorocarbon leader line to attach to braided line, mono line, or even fluorocarbon line.  The fluorocarbon is also for leader line on saltwater fish and when catfish fishing.  This leader line works great in fresh and saltwater.  With a diameter of only 1.13 mm 

The Perfect Fluorocarbon Leader Line for small clear water fish!

  • 1.13 mm Diameter
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Extra sensitive
  • Low visibility
  • Minor stretch

Vicious 130lb fluorocarbon leader line will work for any 130lb leader applications in either fresh or salt.  Get yours today and you will not be disappointed.



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