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Weights and Sinkers


No matter the type of fishing you are doing, you will always need weight and sinkers to get your baits to the desired depth or bottom. Lead sinkers are a cheap and effective way to hold your bait at specific depths and currents in the water. If you are bottom fishing of any kind, you will need a wide variety of weight sizes. Hunting and Fishing Depot has a variety of different styles and shapes of lead weight at all different weights. Why pay premium prices for lead when you can get the best at an affordable price keeping money in your pockets.

The go-to weights for bottom fishing are egg weights. If you love fishing the bottom of any body of water with live bait, egg sinkers will help get your bait to the bottom and hold it there. Shop our selection of saltwater fishing weights or find your next duck hunting decoy weights. No matter what you need, we will have it at the best prices on the internet.



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