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Vicious Fishing

Vicious Fishing Line Is The Best In The Industry

Vicious Fishing line is setting the industry standard for fishing line. They make the best braided fishing line with their No Fade Braid. Vicious Fishing line specializes in braided, fluorocarbon leader line, and monofilament fishing line.  The new no fade braid is a hit among freshwater and saltwater anglers.  Vicious Fishing is a fishing company that started in 2006.  Vicious Fishing specializes in braided and mono fishing line for both fresh and saltwater fishing. Get your Vicious Fishing line today and be ready for your next fishing trip. 

Vicious Fishing No Fade Braid is a top seller among the braided fishing line.  The problem with most braided fishing line is that it will fade color and become weak and fray.  The new No Fade Braid from Vicious lasts longer and will not fade colors.  It is a great product and a fantastic fishing line.

Get your Vicious Fishing line and start using the best No Fade Braid, monofilament fishing line, and fluorocarbon fishing line.



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