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Paddle Tail Swimbait: Inshore Fishing Lure | K Wigglers

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K WIgglers Paddle Tail  Saltwater Soft Plastic Lures Best 4" On The Market

K Wigglers paddle tails are the perfect inshore fishing saltwater soft plastic lure. The K Wigglers Paddle tails are soft baits that come in a variety of colors perfect for any water conditions. The Paddle tails are unrigged and easy to rig on a variety of different jig heads. These are the ideal saltwater lure for redfish, speckled sea trout, flounder and any other inshore species. Fish these with confidence around a structure, on grass flats and open water. K Wigglers has perfected the body of the paddle tail for optimal movement in the water. Their husky body and paddle tail allow it be irresistible to fish in the water. This will be one of the most versatile saltwater lures you will use which is why every angler needs this in their tackle box. 

Paddle Tail Specs 

Paddle Tail soft plastics from K Wigglers are perfect for redfish and trout. Draw the attention of saltwater trout with the Kelley Wigglers paddle tail Unrigged Plastic Swimbaits 5-Pack. These soft plastic swimbaits feature a shad shaped body with a paddle tail for realism and are designed for use with spinning and casting reels. 4" long. K Wigglers are made in the USA.

Several Features and Benefits of the Paddle Tail Swimbait

  • Exceptional movement in the water perfect for saltwater trout and redfish.
  • Shad body shape with a paddle tail offers a realistic look
  • Made in the USA
  • 4" long

Paddle Tail Specifications

  • Fishing - Saltwater: Inshore Fishing
  • Fishing - Species: Saltwater Trout, Redfish, Flounder and any other inshore species.
  • Type of bait: Stick/Jerk Baits

Paddle Tail Packs

  • Kelley Wigglers Paddle Tail Unrigged Plastic Swimbaits 5-Pack

The perfect inshore soft plastic that all anglers should be fishing with when targeting saltwater trout and redfish. The K Wigglers paddle tail swimbait made in the USA and will increase your hit/hookup ratio.



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