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Ball Tail Shad Baits | K Wigglers

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The Ball Tail Shad, The Saltwater Assassin Of Inshore Saltwater Soft Plastic Lure & Shad Baits

K Wigglers has come out with one of the ultimate inshore saltwater soft plastic lures and shad baits with the ball tail shad. These ball tail shad lures are perfect for mimicking mullet, shrimp, and other baitfish. Their motion in the water is unique and exceptional for attracting nearby fish. When using these ball tail shad baits your hit and catching ratio will improve dramatically. These are inshore saltwater soft plastics that every angler should be fishing with.

The ball tail shad lures are made to last. They are not some made in China soft plastic lures. These shad baits are 100% made in the USA. They will withstand some of the hardest attacks from jacks, bluefish, trout and even mackerel. The shad lures are made with some of the best plastics on the market. Stop wasting hundreds of dollars on overseas plastics that fall apart after a few casts. K Wigglers makes exceptional soft plastic lures, one you should be fishing.

Ball Tail Shad Specs:

  • 7 Shad Lures Per Pack
  • 20 unique color patterns (Geaux Tigers, Strawberry/Cool, Chartreuse blue metal flake/Chartreuse, Natural 2 Tone/Chartreuse, Electric Sunrise, Olive red metal flake/Chartreuse, Clear Red Metal Flake, Midnight Metal Flake/Chartreuse, Mansfield Margarita, Bone Diamond, Flo Mingo, Plum Blue Metal Flake/Chartreuse, Honey Gold, Laguna Pearl/Chartreuse, Midnight Diamond, Pearl/Hot Pink, Nite Glo/Chartreuse, Punch/Cool
  • The Perfect Shad Bait for all inshore species that include redfish, trout, and flounder

Get stocked up today with the K Wigglers ball tail shad baits. These are the perfect inshore saltwater soft plastic lures that mimic mullet and other baitfish. The ball tail shad lure allows for exceptional movement in the water. It is guaranteed to attract anything around. So make sure you are loaded up with the ball tail shad baits for your next inshore fishing trip. The Ball Tail Shad from K Wigglers, the ultimate inshore saltwater soft plastic lure and shad bait on the market.





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