64 Ounce Cigar Offshore Trolling Weight
Arsenal Tungsten Bullet Weights - Hunting and Fishing Depot

Arsenal Tungsten Bullet Weights

by Arsenal Fishing
$ 5.99

Arsenal Tungsten Flipping Weights offer the highest quality tungsten on the market that improves that soft bite sensitivity, along with keeping your weights in top condition, while not breaking the bank. These weights offer a smaller size than traditional lead weights and are double-dipped powder coated to maintain their paint longevity. Available in 3 colors that should ‘match your hatch’ and your soft plastics for that perfect presentation. Arsenal Tungsten Weights come in many sizes, and are 100% Eco-Friendly to ensure the environmental protection in any body of water.

Quantities Per Size:
1/4oz, 3/8oz, 1/2oz – 3 per pack
3/4oz, 1oz – 2 per pack

C & B Bank Sinkers - Hunting and Fishing Depot
C & B No Roll Sinkers
C & B Rock Cod Weight
C & B Small Weight Sinker Pack

C & B Small Weight Sinker Pack

by C & B Custom Jigs
$ 1.00
10Ct of sinkers in egg, pyramid or no roll sinker styles. 10ct come in all the same style and weight.
Dredge Weight Digging Fish

Dredge Weight Digging Fish

by Squidnation
$ 24.99
This is the best dredge weight we have found to keep all dredges down and keeping your favorite squid dredge steady. The wings on the dredge will get you dredge down quickly. Also will keep the dredge down on a strong following sea.
Egg Lead Weight Sinkers - Hunting and Fishing Depot

Egg Weight Lead Sinkers

by C & B Custom Jigs
$ 0.12
Various Egg Lead Sinkers according to weight.  Use in freshwater and saltwater.  The weight rolls along the bottom with the current.
High Speed Offshore Trolling Weight for Wahoo

High Speed Offshore Trolling Weight for Wahoo

by Blue Water Candy Lures
$ 20.99
Best, most durable, strongest Wahoo Trolling Weight on a 480 pound leader with ball swivels.  Comes in 16, 32, 48, and 64 ounces.  Perfect for high speed wahoo, billfish, and tuna trolling.  Place in line before lure/skirt/dredge.  


Pyramid weight sinker lead
Shock Leader for Wahoo


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