Great confidence decoy when calling coyotes. The Lone Howler was created by renowned wildlife artist and bronze sculptor Charlie Norton. From his studio in Leoti, Kansas, Charlie creates wildlife masterpieces that utilize decades of experience and creative ability.

  • The faux fur tail with wireframe is possible and moves in the wind
  • Designed to accept 2575 Invisi-Predator Electronic Predator Call
  • Simulate captured prey by attaching a white rag or rabbit pelt to the snout to elicit an instinctive response from approaching coyotes
  • The Lone Howler's bungee leg system allows the decoy to be easily transported and placed in sitting or laying position
Mojo Critter Predatory Decoy

Mojo Critter Predatory Decoy

by Mojo Outdoors
$ 37.99
After trying many versions, MOJO Outdoors has developed the most effective predator decoy on the market.

The MOJO Critter predator decoy is light-weight, portable, simple and affordable. It has highly visible and tantalizing action using realistic prey-type fur that immediately attracts and holds predators' attention.

Intermittent, cyclic action for added realism. It calls 'em in and diverts their attention away from you. The MOJO Critter is proven to work on all predators and will greatly improve your success.

Operates on 4 AA batteries (not included).

Note: MOJO Critter is not remote capable.
Predator Rabbit With Stake- Flambeau

Predator Rabbit With Stake- Flambeau

by Flambeau Outdoors
$ 19.99
Place this life-like foam rabbit decoy in a visible place. Then team it with a highly effective predator call. You will enjoy a great hunt.


When you place this life-like foam rabbit decoy in a visible location and team it with a highly effective predator call, you have the makings of a great hunt. Made by Flambeau.
Primos Sit'n Spin Crazy Critter

Primos Sit'n Spin Crazy Critter

by Primos Hunting
$ 29.99
The Primos Sit'N Spin Crazy Critter's stop and go erratic movements, realistic fur with white tip tails, and adjustable speed, mimic those of a wounded rodent or bird.

The Small collapsible design of the Sit'N Spin makes packing it a breeze. The stake and decoy mount can be unscrewed from the motor and attached to clips on the side of the motor casing for easy portability.

Don't give em' a chance to avoid your setup. “Speak the Language Inch, and draw them in with the Sit'N Spin Crazy Critter.
  • Intermittent 360° Spinning Motion imitates injured and panicking critter
  • Realistic fur with flaring white tip tails
  • Adjustable Dial speed from Super Fast to Barely Moving
  • Small, collapsible design is easy to pack with gear
  • Required to Operate: (4) “AA Inch Batteries (not included)
  • Accepts Alkaline, Lithium or Rechargeable Batteries
Primos Stray Cat Motion Decoy With Decoy

Primos Stray Cat Motion Decoy With Decoy

by Primos Hunting
$ 79.99
Extensive testing has proven the Stray Cat's random & spontaneous motions trigger a variety of instinctive predator emotions:
  • Pure Hunger
  • Opportunistic Food
  • Territorial/ Aggressive Competition
The secret behind the Stray Cat is the realistic random motion and jointed flexible tail. These movements are just like a real living animal and resemble a cat, which predators acknowledge as competition and food. The Stray Cat is so realistic it keeps predators engaged, bringing them right to the decoy with no hanging up.

  • Patent Pending
  • Realistic black cat tail motion technology
  • 3 random motions to choose from
  • 50 yard LCD remote
  • Jointed, flexible animal tail imitates realistic wagging motion
  • Operates at all angles
  • Sturdy tri pod legs for height control and stability
Quiver Critter by Expedite Lucky Duck
The SUPER CRITTER is truly a case of the “BEST GETTING BETTER Inch. The MOJO CRITTER proved to be the most effective and the most popular predator decoy EVER, and revolutionized the use of decoys in predator hunting.

NOW, MOJO introduces the SUPER CRITTER using the same tantalizing motion but in a more advanced decoy. Includes magnetically connected CRITTER topper, built-in disappearing tri-pod legs plus MOJO Peg w/1/4 Inch camera thread gives multiple mounting options; super tough ABS housing; provided with MOJO Cottontail sound, 3-way switch that allows motion only, or motion PLUS sound.

Decoy is specially designed to allow on/off control from most remote callers that have 3.5mm auxiliary port (requires common 3.5mm double male chord available as accessory).
  • Operates up to 20 hours on 4 AA batteries (not included).
  • Convenient wireless removable battery holder stores in recess with easily removable cover.
  • Realistic removable fur cover.