Offshore Fishing

Offshore Fishing Requires Knowledge, Skills and The Right Gear

Offshore fishing is one of the best types of fishing on the planet. There is no better feeling than to hook into large pelagic species. The sound of line screaming off the reel is enough to get anyone's blood pumping. In order to catch wahoo, marlin, tuna and other species you need to have the right gear. Having the right offshore trolling lures, reels, rods, and apparel is crucial to your offshore fishing trip.


Offshore Trolling Lures

One piece of equipment that is critical to offshore fishing is the lures. These lures are designed for high speed trolling. They are heavy weight lures made to withstand the hit from large fish. They are often colorful and come with large hooks. These truly are some of the biggest lures around. 

Offshore Reels

When offshore fishing, high-grade conventional saltwater reels and rods are critical for big game species. When offshore fishing you need a reliable fishing reel. At hunting and fishing depot we carry canyon reels. They make an exceptional offshore reel perfect for jigging. Their jigging reels are perfect for bottom fishing offshore.

Offshore Rods

Offshore rods are an essential piece of equipment for offshore fishing. Black fin r

 No matter what kind of offshore fishing gear you need we will have it. We carry some of the best offshore trolling lures from Bahama lure, Jaw lures and more

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36 Inch Bar with 9 Inch Shell Squids Dredge


This bar is a stainless steel bar with five chains of 9 inch shell squids. The bar has eleven teaser squids all filled with floats. All the squids ...

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