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Marker 54 Lures

Marker 54 Lures: Industry Leader in Jerk Shrimp Inshore Lures.

Marker 54 Lures is a relatively new company in the fishing lure industry. They have brought to market several inshore lures that have changed how anglers are inshore fishing. It was their passion and goal to create a company that provided only the best to anglers and that alone would keep them coming back for more. The beauty of the name marker 54 is the fact that this is a real place. Found exclusovely in cape canaveral florida. Marker 54 has taken the plastic weighted shrimp and made it better. The two lures that we get excited for are the marker 54 jerk shrimp, the marker 54 shrimp and the marker 54 hard plastic live shrimp. All of these lures are cany for inshore species such as trout, flounder and redfish.

The Marker 54 jerk shrimp and marker 54 shrimp are a weighted plastic shrimp that differs in the hook orientation. The marker 54 jerk shrimp swims backwards. This shrimp is rigged so when it is popped in the water it will pop up vertically giving it the natural motion of a shrimp in the water. It perfectly mimics the action of a shrimp fleeing danger. It is this motion that allows for the marker 54 jerk shrimp to be jigged longer distances in the water than normal forward rigged shrimp. If you are not a fan of this backward motion, then the marker 54 shrimp is the traditional forward motion shrimp that every angler loves to have in their tackle box. The Marker 54 hard plactic live shrimp is a hard plastic lure that can rigged for foward motion or backward motion. These crankbaits are guarenteed to help you catch more inshore fish.

Shop our great selection today of Marker 54 Lures and stock up on some of the best lures around. Get your marker 54 jerk shrimp, the marker 54 lures shrimp and the marker 54 hard plastic live shrimp today.




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