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Inshore Jigs

Inshore Jigs Are All You Need For Your Next Fishing Trip

Inshore Jigs with a soft plastic back is the lure of choice for many inshore anglers. Many anglers are moving away from live bait and tackling the challenge of inshore fishing using artificial. At hunting and fishing depot we have done our research to figure out what the fish want. We vow only to carry inshore jigs that we would use while out on the boat. Inshore jigs come in many different shapes, weights, and colors. One thing that holds true is it must hold on a soft plastic back and attract the fish.

Several factors make great inshore jigs. One of the most important is the barbs at the base of the jig to hold the plastic on. The bigger the barb, the better it holds. Many anglers have figured out that fish target the eyes of baitfish. It is because of this there has been a trend to add 3D eyes on most jig heads. It is essential to mimic this feature because it entices the fish to attack. Weight is another important aspect of inshore jigs. You should pick your jig weight according to the current and depth you will be fishing.

We have searched long and hard for the best inshore jigs on the market. No matter what you are looking for, we have it. Find a variety of jigs with 3D eyes or jigs with Kahle hooks. All this will make it a useful jig for any inshore species of fish. So get your inshore jigs and get out there and start catching redfish, spotted sea trout, flounder, black drum, jacks, tarpon, ladyfish and many more species of inshore fish.

Shop our selection of inshore jigs today at and find everything you need for your next inshore fishing trip.

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