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MANGroflage "The Ultimate Mangrove Camouflage" Camo | MANG

$ 54.99

MANGroflage Mangrove Camo From MANG Is The Ultimate Florida Camo Pattern!

MANG has come up with one of the most unique camo patterns we have ever seen. One of the biggest Eco systems in Florida is the mangroves. The mangroves hold a wide variety of species of animal. Lots of hunters in Florida will get out there and hunt in the mangroves for deer, hogs, and waterfowl. Why not blend in and go unnoticed. Not only is this shirt for hunters, but many anglers rock this awesome shirt while out fishing. Mangroves are so essential to species like snook, redfish, speckled sea trout and many more inshore species. From fishing the flats to walking out through the Mangroves, this MANGroflauge Mangrove Camo performance shirt is guaranteed to give you a little saltwater swagger.

Every product plants a mangrove!

This is a top of the line performance shirt that is guaranteed to keep you cool while out on the boat with its moisture wicking technology. It is made from 100% polyester giving it a soft feeling and a very comfortable wear for all anglers. The polyester it is made from is rated 50 UPF giving you extra protection from the suns harmful UV rays. Never fear of your performance shirt smelling due to its built in antimicrobial properties. This MANGroflage performance shirt is available in multiple sizes that include: XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. The MANGroflage pattern is a trademarked camo pattern exclusively at MANG.

MANGroflage Mangrove Camo Performance Shirt Specs:

  • Made From 100% Polyester
  • 50 UPF Rated For Extra Ultraviolet Sun Protection
  • Moisture Wicking Technology To Keep You Cool
  • Antimicrobial Odor Resistent
  • Silky Smooth Feel & Breathable Flow
  • Standard Fit For All Anglers

MANGroflage mangrove camo is a one of kind unique pattern that everyone needs. No matter if you fishing or hunting, having the ability to blend in with the mangroves is a great thing. make sure you get your MANGroflage mangrove camo from MANG today!




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