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Fishing Reels

Best Fishing Reels For Any Angler 

Fishing reels are one of the essential items fishermen use when fishing. They are designed to hold your fishing line on the spool when casting. Fishing reels are designed to be attached to a fishing rod easily and help keep your line and leader tangle-free. Reels come in a variety of different sizes and makeups. They usually are crafted from a combination of stainless steel, aluminum, brass, or some other combination. Fishing reels are relatively new in the history of fishing and have only been perfected in the last 400 years. Original reels were made of wood, bulky, and not practical. Line management was a challenge until reel manufacturers developed a gear system that spooled the line back onto the reel easier. Metals were then used rather than wood to improve the overall durability of the reels. Having a reel that is corrosive and rust-free is essential when fishing the harsh conditions of saltwater. This only enhances the reels performance and allows anglers to catch more fish in any conditions. 

As mentioned before, fishing reels come in a variety of different sizes that serves specific uses to anglers. With these sizes come different styles, specifications, needs, and prices. Reels generally go for affordable prices but can be thousands of dollars for heavy-duty offshore reels. At Hunting and Fishing Depot, we know how vital reels are and try to carry a large variety, ensuring we have something for all your needs. We offer spinning reels, trolling/conventional, saltwater reels, fly, and baitcasting reels. Several of the brands we carry offer extra spools for their reels, making a single reel into a combination tool easily adjustable for different species. Reels are made for left-handed use or right-handed use and can be adjusted to fit your needs.

One of the most common reels that anglers start with is spinning reels. These are easy to learn and mount nicely on the underside of a fishing rod. Spinning reels are often referred to as open-face reels. These types of reels excel at inshore fishing and lightweight tackle. The next popular reel is the baitcaster. You will find the majority of these in the bass fishing world. Bass anglers love to use baitcasters when pitching around brush and debris. Unlike traditional spinning reels, baitcasters mount on the top of fishing rods and feature a state of the art drag system and better casting distances. Like baitcasters, trolling reels mount on the top of trolling rods and are used for many offshore adventures like bottom fishing for grouper or trolling for wahoo. These types of reels usually hold an abundance of lines and feature the best drag system for the monster fish they catch. The last of which we carry are fly reels that are mounted on fly rods and used for stream fishing or saltwater fly fishing. They are perfectly designed to handle fly line,s which is thicker than traditional monofilament fishing lines.

To land any fish that you hook, having a dependable fishing reel is critical. At Hunting and Fishing Depot, we have a great selection of fishing reels that are perfect for freshwater or saltwater anglers. We take pride in only providing some of the best reels on the market. Check out our guide we have put together to help anglers pick out the best reel to fit their needs. With some of the lowest prices on the Internet as well as some of the best brands, we are confident Hunting and Fishing Depot will outfit you with the perfect fishing reel for your next fishing trip. After you find the ideal fishing reel browse our fishing rods to complete your set up and check out our fishing line, fishing lures, and fishing apparel to be ready for your next fishing trip.

A list of popular fishing reel brands that we carry is Florida Fishing Products, Canyon Reels and more.



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