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Florida Mang Performance Fishing Shirt | Mang

$ 38.99

The Florida MANG Performance Shirt Perfect To Rep Your State!

Do you live in Florida? Do you love the state of Florida? Do you love fishing? If you answered yes to any of those questions, MANG has heard you. MANG gear has come out with the ultimate florida flag shirt. Their unique logo is encompasses on the front of the shirt in the state of florida outline. The state flag is distressed in a perfect mannor giving it a pop that stands out. People will know exactly where you bought this performance fishing shirt from. On the back it gets even better. Their unique logo captures the beauty of the florida state flag in it while embedding their classic mangrove logo and slogan. "Buy one Plant one" The florida flag looks as if its distressed or camo patterned. This is the actual magrove leaves back ground pattern in the flag. This is truly a one of a kind performance shirt. This shirt is perfect for any angler. It will protect you all day while fishing, laying on a beach or out in the boat.

These shirts are comparable to any great fishing performance shirt in the industry. They are made 100% from polyester. This fabric is an industry standard in saltwater fishing apparel. The beauty of having 100% polyester is the comfort factor because of how soft they are and the fact that they are pretty tough and durable. Most anglers need a performance shirt that can withstand the elements. Man, do these shirts deliver. They are UPF 50 rated ultraviolet sun protection to ensure to block all the suns harmful UV rays. All MANGS shirts come moisture wicking and antimicrobial resistant. Wear this shirt with ease. 

These are the perfect shirt for anglers. Rep your waters with this good ol florida performance shirt. It is sure to turn heads and have people asking you where you got it from. These performance shirts are great for your everyday life as well because of how comfortable they are. 

MANG Performance Shirt Specs:

  • Made from 100% Polyester
  • 50 UPF Ultraviolet Sun Protection
  • 100% Moisture Wicking 
  • Antimicrobial Resistent
  • Air Flow: Breathable Material 
  • Standard Fit 

Get Your Florida MANG Fishing Performance Shirt Today!

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