D Vein Company: Lobster Gloves & Lobster Deveining Tool

D Vein Company, Everything for the lobster including their lobster cleaning tool

D Vein Company was founded in the sunshine state which is the capital of the spiny lobster. The Florida lobster is a big business in Florida and people flock from all over to get their hands on the Florida lobster tails. One thing that every angler must do is clean the lobster tails before eating. There is a vein that runs down the center of the tail that should be removed for proper cleaning. D Vein company knew there was a need for a tool to make this easier and hence why the company was born. D Vein Company has made it their mission to come out with products that are perfect for lobster season and make the lives of all lobster hunters easier.

This D Vein company hit the ground running and sparked the interest of many social media viewers. A tool that can make the cleaning of lobster easy.......why would everyone not be for this. They spent many hours in designing a manufacturing safe and convenient product that is perfect for deveining all lobster species. The first product that D Vein Company launched was their patented lobster deveining tool called the "D Vein Lobster Tool". This product was just what the market needed for removing the lobster intestinal tract. The D Vein Company produced some of the highest quality of products and makes sure their products are FDA food grade compliant to satisfy the customer's needs.

D Vein is a family owned company that truly puts the customer first. They provide exceptional customer support and truly try to meet the need of every customer. They followed up their first product with a great pair of gloves that are perfect for protecting your hands while lobstering and cleaning your lobster. No matter what they come out with next, buy in confidence that you are getting an exceptional product. So get out there and start catching some lobster and support a small lobster business changing the industry one product at a time.

Check out our product review and demonstration of using the lobster deveining tool.

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Lobster Intestinal Remover Tool From D Vein

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Lobster Deveining Tool From D Vein, Changing The Lobster Cleaning Game D Vein has come out with the ultimate product for the fishing industry that ...

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