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The K2 Summit Series 120 Quart Cooler Is Enough Cooler For All Your Needs

The K2 Summit series 120 quart cooler is the best cooler on the market for the value. Unlike its competitors it will not break the bank. K2 Coolers are made to last and come with the name known for toughness and durability. They are a one piece rotomold cooler crafted to withstand the elements that nature will throw against you. K2 went the next step when designing their coolers by making them from food-grade materials that are UV resistant and compatible for dry ice. K2 Coolers has their own patented insulation they call the K2's SNOWblown™. It is their unique manufacturing technique that injects the insulation under high pressure that guarantees maximum ice retention every time.'

K2 Summit Series 120 Quart Cooler Components:

  • The K2 ICEvault™ gasket is designed and installed to lock in the cold and keep the heat out. Partnered with the LOCKaway™ lid design your K2 will keep your contents ice cold or steaming hot as well as protect them from the outside elements.

  • The POSITRAC™ lid latches are designed to create a positive seal and are mounted on molded-in keepers for that perfect closure every time.
  • The ENDURA™ hinge system is a full length integrated hinge that is designed to keep your lid permanently attached.
  • SUREgrip™ rubber feet are non-marking and designed to keep your cooler exactly where you put it.
  • K2’s TORRENT™ drain plug is designed for quick and easy drainage with just a partial turn, so there’s no need to fully remove the plug and risk losing it. It features a silicone gasket for a water tight seal. The Torrent drain plug is designed to fit the Summit Series coolers.
  • Our EASYhaul™ rope handles are designed for comfort and durability and make lifting heavy loads a breeze.
  • The REALgrip™ integrated handles make for easy lifting for those times when you would rather not use the rope.
  • K2 has dual HOLDtight™ anchoring points on both sides of the cooler for easy mounting solutions no matter the situation.
  • Integrated padlock holes on both sides makes your K2 lockable and secure.

K2 Summit Series 120 Quart Cooler Specifications:

  • Can Capacity: 86

At Handles (External)

  • Length: 41.625"
  • Width: 19.25"
  • Height: 19.5"

At Top (Internal)

  • Length: 34.9"
  • Width: 14.25"
  • Height: 16.125"
  • Height at Fill Line: 14.9"

What we are trying to say is this is one awesome cooler for the money. No matter if you love hunting or fishing this is the ultimate cooler to put the meat. You will not be disappointed and you will find yourself becoming a K2 brand lover. Make sure you get your K2 Summit series 120 quart cooler today.




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