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Bahama Lure

Bahama Lures: Perfect Offshore Fishing Trolling Lures

Bahama Lure has perfected an old Pacific islanders concept of the perfect offshore trolling lure. They have taken this original concept and have created a modern adaptation of it to help you land more fish. Bahama lure uses state of the art equipment and materials mixed with handmade craftsmanship to bring some of the best offshore trolling lures to market. All of the Bahama lure lines have been created and tested in the crystal blue waters of the Bahamas.

The craftsmanship behind these lures took countless hours because all of the masters were handmade being carved out of resin blocks before going into production. Materials and methods were continuously improved over the years until we could produce the highest possible quality of lures today. All Bahama Lures are still made one by one out of first generation molds, keel weighted and poured from the very highest quality water clear Polyurethane resins that will never break, chip or turn color. Lures and skirts are all handmade in the USA.

 Bahama Lures Features:

Trolling Lure Eyes: All Bahama lures feature large eyes. These large eyes are to mimic squid in the water with their oversized eyes. Most game fish can spot these large eyes from a good distance away and will target them for their next meal. Bahama lure has taken this knowledge and put it to use in all of their saltwater trolling lures. They feature a pearl base contrast that gives them pop in the water and will attract more fish. You hit to catch ratio should increase dramatically with the Bahama lures eye being so flashy.

Trolling Lure Craftsmanship: The construction of Bahama lures has not changed much over the years. All lures are constructed from the original masters ensuring they are crafted correctly.Bahama lure takes no shortcuts. Assembly of trolling lures is still by hand with the best quality of the material. Most anglers are impressed with their craftsmanship and durability. They can withstand even the toughest attacks. Overall you will be impressed on how long your Bahama lure will last. Another great thing about Bahama lure is how they are weighted. All lures will swim correctly due to their counterbalance weight.

Trolling Lure Color: Bahama lure knows that quality is important, but they also recognized that the lure color is critical to attracting the right type of fish. When a squid is often attacked times, they will change colors. Bahama lures recognized this and put multiple colors into every lure. The trolling lures are available in a multitude of different colors unique to each species of fish being targeted.

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