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D-vein Lobster Intestinal Remover

D Vein Product Review

D Vein: Lobster Intestinal Remover (Video)

D-Vein and Lobster
If you are like us then one of your favorite things to do is catching lobsters. There is no other feeling then diving down and bringing up a huge lobster. The thrill of finding them mixed with the challenge of tickling them out and netting them is out of this world. I will gladlygo fishing most day, but I will never say no to catching a few lobsters.
After you catch a cooler full of lobsters then the fun begins with cleaning them inorder to prep them for dinner. The D Vein company has come up with a tool to make this process much easier. This is something that everyone needs on their boat if you like to catch your own lobster.
The product is the
D-vein lobster intestinal remover.
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